1. Name

The name of the club shall be Loughside Football Club

2. Objects

The purpose of the club is to provide participation and training in youth football for the Shore Rd, York Rd, and surrounding districts and is based on the ethics fair play, cross-community involvement and mutual understanding with others.

3. Membership.

3.1 No person shall be denied membership of the club on the grounds of race, colour, creed, religion, gender or disability.


3.2 Participants are expected to contribute financially to the Club.


3.3 All members of the Club shall be expected to adhere to the constitution and rules, and additionally act in a manner befitting to the ethos of the Club.

4. Committee and Management of Club

4.1 The business of the club shall be conducted by a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and two Treasurers, plus other members of the committee elected annually at a meeting convened for this purpose.


4.2 The committee will have power to set up sub-committees to deal with specific interests. Such sub-committees will be made up of members of the club, but the committee will have the power to enlist the services of any person who will be of benefit to the club for any specific purpose. Such persons will not thereby become members of the Club.


4.3 5 members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.


4.4 The General Committee shall have the power to publish and administer by-laws, as they deem necessary to govern the activities of the Club.


4.5 The Club shall adopt and actively use a Child Protection Policy monitored by Designated Officer/s to ensure the Policy is adhered to.


4.6 The Designated officer’s role is to deal with all issues of the Child Protection Policy in the strictest of confidence. To record the minutes of all meetings regarding policy issues. Most importantly if a disclosure of a serious nature is reported to him he is both morally and duty bound to pass it on to Social Services.


5. Finance and Accounts

5.1 The funds of the Club shall be obtained through member’s subscription and by means of any fundraising activities as the committee may deem acceptable or necessary.


5.2 The funds shall be lodged in a bank approved by the committee.


5.3 All cheques or bank withdrawals drawn against the Club funds must be signed by the two Treasurers.


5.4 The Financial year shall run from July to June each year, and an independent body shall audit the accounts.


5.5 The Treasurers shall be responsible for the preparation of Annual Accounts of the Club.

6. General Meetings


6.1 The Club shall hold it’s Annual General Meeting on a date decided by the committee ensuring that the interval between one A.G.M and the next shall not exceed 13 calendar months. The A.G.M shall conduct the following: -

a. Approve the minutes of the previous years A.G.M

b. Receive and Consider reports from the Chairman and Secretary.

c. Receive and Consider report from the Treasurers and adopt the Accounts.

d. Receive a report from the Auditors.

e. Elect the executive committee.

f. Consider changes to the Constitution and Rules of the Club.

g. Any other business.


6.2 Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis with notice being given to committee members.


6.3 With the exception of changes to the constitution, decisions put to the vote shall be resolved by a majority. In the event of a tie the chairman shall hold the deciding vote.


6.4 The quorum at General Meeting shall be at least two thirds of the General Committee. Where a quorum does not exist but at least three Executive Committee Members are present, the meeting shall take place but may decide to seek the opinions of absent committee members on urgent matters requiring a decision either by written verification or appropriate methods.


7. Amendments to the Constitution

7.1 Any changes to the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote.


7.2 A proposal to a change in the Constitution must be submitted in writing to the Secretary who shall circulate the proposal to all relevant persons in the Club and allow one week for submissions of any amendment before calling a meeting.


8.  Disciplinary Procedures

The disciplinary committee will consist of three members chosen from the six members nominated at the start of that season, one from each age group from under/10s to under /15s;

  1. Under/ 12s  __________________________


  1. Under/ 13s  __________________________


  1. Under/ 14s  __________________________


  1. Under/ 15s  __________________________


  1. Under/ 17s ___________________________


  1. Under/ 19s  __________________________


The secretary will select and chair all disciplinary committee meetings on a non-voting capacity, as all complaints must go to the secretary in writing.

A disciplinary committee meeting must take place within fourteen days after the secretary has received the complaint. All parties involved may be invited to attend individually (or junior member with parents) or to submit a written response.


The secretary will inform in writing both the member who made the complaint and the member who is the subject of their decision within seven days of a decision being made by the disciplinary committee.

8.1 Disciplinary Procedures


When the Disciplinary committee deems a complaint of appropriate severity, the Disciplinary committee has the right to invoke any of the following disciplinary procedures;


  1. Verbal Recorded Warning.
  2. Written recorded Warning.
  3. Suspension
  4. Expulsion.



Any member served with any of the Disciplinary Procedures has the right to appeal!

8.2 Appeals Procedure


A member may appeal a decision of the Disciplinary Committee in respect of a disciplinary matter or a complaint. The appeal must be made in writing to the secretary within fourteen days of the member being notified about the outcome of the complaint or disciplinary procedure. The Appeals Committee will hear the appeal.




The Appeals Committee will consist of three members of the main committee excluding the secretary and designated child protection officer.

The Appeals Committee will have the power to confirm, set aside or alter any sanction imposed by the Disciplinary Committee. No person can sit on the Appeals Committee and the Disciplinary Committee.


Following the appeals procedure, if any party is not satisfied the matter can be taken to the Governing Body of our sport.

9. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, the assets shall, following satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, be dispersed to one or more Clubs having objects similar to some or all of the objects of the Club, as shall be determined by a majority of the General Committee.