Child Protection Policy


1. The aims of the procedures are:

To safeguard the interests of the players,

Take all reasonable steps to protect them from harm,

Respect their rights.

1. Have an informal meeting of parents and coaches and outline the parental participation required to provide smooth running of the teams.

2. It is the parent’s responsibility to protect their child and should help coaches in whatever way possible to do so.

3. Coaches need to be child centred and have a code of behaviour.

    *Ensure fair play.

    *Equality for all players.

    *Show respect for the players.

    *Expect respect from the players.

2. Recruitment of coaches, volunteer’s etc should be closely scrutinised.

Check background of person if unknown to club.

Get reference if necessary.

Get a declaration if any, for leaving previous club.

All helpers aware of child protection measures adopted by club, whom to report complaints to etc.

3. If a child goes to a volunteer, coach etc.

He should

Always listen if a child wishes to report-

                       3.1    If they have an accident.

                       3.2    If they have a grievance against a coach.

                       3.3    If they are being bullied by other players.

                       3.4    If they have been approached by a club official in any way they are not happy about. 

You should assure him/her that you will report it to the proper people. 

You should not:

Question or interrogate the child.

Make any promises or overreact.

4. The club should follow the following for progressing of any complaint.

      4.1    Appoint two (more if necessary) liaison officers.

               The currently appointed Designated Officers for Loughside Football Club are

               Steven (Curly) Patrick  Mobile....07445973155

               Philip (Joe) McCann Mobile........07868666993

If you or your son/daughter have any concern or complaint please do not hesitate to contact the above named who will deal with your concern/complaint in the strictest confidence.


      4.2    These are the people to whom any complaints should be made known.

      4.3    Coaches, parents and players should know who they are and be happy with them.

      4.4    Keep a complaint book.

      4.5    Record all complaints, minor or serious.

      4.6    Report to committee for their decision on minor matters.

      4.7    Report to social services or police if necessary.

      4.8    Keep the name and address of local social services and police in book.


5. Coaches should not spend a lot of time alone with any child.

      5.1    They should not make any unnecessary physical contact.

      5.2    They should not take children alone in their cars.

      5.3    They should not allow children to use inappropriate language.

      5.4    They should not do things of a personal nature for a child that they can do for themselves.